The 2022 - 2023  Officers

Darcee Klapp ............................President
Karan Slobom ..................Vice President
Noretta Barker........................Secretary
Amber Claflin ..........................Treasurer
Bill Klapp...........................Agent of Process

(elected by BOD

Jan Davis
Dee Denton
Kristian Hultgren
Karen Lees
Evan Nelson
Cindy Moruzzi
Nanette Vanesch
Stephanie Vanesch

If you are a resident of Devore, you are already considered a part of the D.R.P.A. The DRPA is NOT an exclusive club that meets to gossip. It is the driving force to keep Devore and its lifestyle rural and unique. All are invited to get involved. 

If reposting freeway issues or specifically ON or OFF RAMP or BRIDGES - Cal Trans will address those issues using the following protocol: 

Here is the link to the Customer Service Request (CSR): Submit Customer Service Request


Submit Customer Service Request

Department of Transportation

Follow link to:


1.)  Online Services/Permit

2.)  Submit Customer Service Request

3.)  Select Situation Type (drop down menu)

4.)  Continue to fill out Service Request application.  On map locator, you click & drag & drop on the location.

Give as much specific, clear info to help locate the area(s) of concern & what you are addressing.




1.)  When an individual files the request, the system will assign it to the correct district, then go to our Customer Service Liaison for processing. 


2.)  From there, Maintenance will go take a look at the situation to see what equipment, staff or materials will be needed for the request. 


3.)  They will then schedule it out, and go out to fulfill the request.


4.)  We provide all email communication to the requestor, so make sure a valid email is used. If the individual wants to provide a phone number, it is optional, we may sometimes call for any clarification. 


5.)  Once they submit their request, they will receive a Ticket #, and we will follow up with all email communication when the request has been Acknowledged and when the request is Completed and Closed.



For information in District 8 visit one of the following.

Lane Closures -

Traffic Incidents -

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Next DRPA general meeting August 1, 2022 at 6:30pm ( time changed from 7:00pm) at the Devore Church


The DRPA is NOW Available 24/7

EMAIL: for ANY questions, concerns, problems or general. This is a direct email link to all of the Board members.

The Newsletter can now be found via QR code

 just go to your QT button face the QR code directly at the box and the web site with newsletter at the bottom will appear. 


The DRPA Statement of Purpose

The Devore Rural Protection Association was formed with a commitment to bring forth the consensus of the community. Along with this primary goal, the group has developed guidelines that they feel represent the rights and responsibilities of all Devore residents. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Maintain Devore's rural identity and way of life, with no curbs or street lights on our roads.

  2. Protect Devore from annexation and encroachment by neighboring cities and maintain our present County form of government.

  3. Retain the one-residence-per-acre minimum.

  4. Remain independently serviced by private and county agencies.

  5. Preserve our trails and open-space land.

  6. insure responsible and compatible growth and development in the Devore area.


                   Current newsletter 


NEWSLETTER 2022           

        The Devore Rural Protection Association

        Bringing Forth the Consensus of the Devore Community

                                                                             Web: www.the


DRPA MINUTES  05-02-22


Meeting called to order by President Darcee Klapp at 1833 hours.


Pledge of Allegiance led by Darcee Klapp.


Special Guests: 

Deputy Jacob Angelini, San Bernardino County Sheriff / SSS Jennifer Ball San Bernardino County Sheriff


Board Members Present:


Darcee Klapp, Karan Slobom, Noretta Barker, Amber Claflin, Bill Klapp, Cindy Moruzzi, Karen Lees, Nannette VanEsch, Dee Denton, Evan Nelson,


DRPA Members at Large Present:


Jan Davis, Vikki Kennedy, Sarah Phelps, Paul Kirkland, Michelle Kirkland, Doug Claflin


Order for meeting altered to allow our special guests to present their information and field questions before they could be called away.


SSS Jennifer Ball and Deputy Jacob Angelini: Jennifer has been extra patrolling in Devore and following up on complaints generated by residents regarding homeless encampments, vandalism and vendors. 


Jennifer is available to the community and prefers email contact  at


Jennifer said the main concerns for Devore for past two months have been catalytic convertor thefts and burglaries on Cajon from trailers.


Deputy Angelini and SSS Ball suggested possible deterrents for the catalytic convertor theft would be placement of an anti-theft device which costs approximately $200 per vehicle and also placement of cameras that could possibly get the license plate from suspect vehicles.  Deputy Angelini suggested being an active neighbor but understanding that these thefts can occur in 30 seconds or less. 


There was a marijuana grow in Devore, however not a lot of information was available as it is handled by a specialized division. The Marijuana Interdiction Team is actively working approximately 100 grows at any given time throughout San Bernardino County.


Discussion held regarding a recent illegal shooting range in the Sycamore Canyon area. Multiple illegal weapons were seized and subjects were either arrested or cited.


Again video and photos are suggested for criminal activity when safe to do so.


Discussion held regarding street vendors. It is suggested that residents do not support the vendors and enable the situation to worsen. Possibility of red curbs discussed. Suggestion to contact code enforcement for vendor issues.


Questions asked by members regarding specific issues were addressed and answered.


Special guest completed their presentation and left the meeting to return to their work assignments.


The previous minutes have been posted on the website for all to review. 


Motion by Dee Denton to accept the minutes as posted. Second by Jan Davis.  Motion passed unanimously by verbal consent.


Treasurer's report was not discussed, however was presented to the secretary for inclusion in the minutes by Treasurer Amber Claflin.  Treasurer's report is as follows: (Darcee forgot to call on Amber for the report, I will do better next time)


As of 05-01-22


Checking balance:  $5917.73

Savings balance:     $1772.76


Transactions: $300 donation from a community member / No withdrawals.


Note: Treasurer's report will be presented to be either ratified or not at the next meeting.


New and old business intermingled for discussion in the interest of time and amount of information to be presented. Discussions held on the following issues:


President Darcee Klapp presented the Devore map that shows boundaries and points of interest. All members present were able to view the information.


Officers and Directors attended an executive meeting with Lewis Murray from Supervisor Rutherford's office on 4-26-22.


The bridge over the railroad tracks on Glen Helen Pkwy was discussed. This bridge is commonly referred to as the "Bridge to nowhere" due to bridge not being completed. Per Lewis Murray, it is scheduled to resume construction in the spring of 2024. Bridge is not a Cal Trans project but is a county project.  Funds from the original plan were used to complete another bridge project in the county which is the reason for the delay.


Amazon Distribution center is coming to the old Freedom acres resort property on Glen Helen Rd. Property owned by Trans Western who works with Amazon. Trans Western was set to start tearing up the streets and essentially blocking in 5 residents that are north of their facility. A resident reached out to the DRPA for assistance. The resident's concerns and contact information was given to Lewis Murray. 


There is a commercial lot for sale on Kenwood and Cajon. As far as can be confirmed, it is the only commercial lot in that area. Lewis will try to keep the DRPA updated of any zoning changes in the area.


There are several electronic bill boards coming to Devore. Discussion held regarding the issue of light pollution with the billboards as well as commercial enterprises that are being considered.


Note:  There is a zoom meeting scheduled for 05-10-22  with the County Board of Supervisors regarding the bill boards.

UPDATE on ELECTRONIC BILLBOARDS – no electronic billboard will be placed within the Devore tract. The vote was to choose a location from three sites – the DRPA Board chose the location by Rosena Ranch before the Glen Helen off ramp. There will be no impact to Devore.


Five Pallet yards are being looked at by Code Enforcement for various issues.


Live Nation had an event over the weekend, Smoker's Club. Please make any concerns known to the DRPA so that they may be addressed with Nikki Hutchison from Live Nation. Concerts will be ongoing throughout the summer months.


It was discussed that a resident was opening their property to parking vehicles for the event. This is not allowed unless permitted. The county does strictly enforce this regulation when it comes to Live Nation events.


Live Nation has sent a pending schedule to the DRPA however it is not complete and has numerous dates that list "HOLD". The complaint line for Live Nation during events is  (909) 880-6500. If you do make a call to the complaint line, please keep notes of time and issue, for possible future follow up.


Discussion held regarding keeping our trails open and trying to further the trail project for all residents.


For information, it was noted that a small piece of land located SW of the Cal Fire Station was once Devore's land and was taken by the county for the Glen Helen Bridge. It was requested of the  County to return the land to Devore as it was not needed or used for the bridge. 

UPDATE: Per the County – The County will be keeping this plot of land to mitigate the bridge expansion.


Discussion held regarding Glen Helen Park and the County's intent to put $8 million dollars into the park. 


Discussion held regarding a community center and the history of the request for a community center as well as the connex container.


Dee Denton presented an idea to the members to hold training classes for canning and food preservation. Dee will continue to work on this idea until she can hold classes. 


Dan Muncey from the San Bernardino County Fire Department had promised a chipper day for Devore, this has yet to be scheduled and messages have been left for Muncie.


Working on building the relationship between the DRPA and the Kimbark School. 


Discussion held regarding evacuation plans. It was a consensus that we should have something in place. Some suggestions were to be a proactive neighbor, know where the elderly and disabled live know who has animals and who also can transport people and animals.

UPDATE: The DRPA will be hopefully be forming a Fire Council as our sister town Lytle Creek and many others have this proactive approach.


Some members would like to see some of the attachments that were viewed during the meeting be posted on the website.


For fire safety, discussion held regarding lessons learned from past fires. Do not leave a hose running on your roof. In the past, this practice depleted Devore's water.  Make sure you have defensible space for your structures. Also in past firestorms, houses with enclosed eaves were less likely to burn. Cover roof vents and whirly bird vents.


Discussion held regarding the high speed rail project that is proposed to go thru the Cajon Pass from Fontana to Las Vegas.


Discussion regarding some current housing projects, including  15,000 houses in Summit Valley and an additional 300 near Rosena Ranch. There is also a concern about building houses between the Pet Cemetery and Devore and what would be ingress and egress options. *00 houses at the top of Palm are planned with no ingress and egress options.


Discussion held regarding the stop signs on Devore bridge and off ramps from the freeway. Many vehicles and trucks fail to stop.  Box dots have been discussed. Cal trans is doing a study reference the stop at the SB offramp from I215.


Karan Slobom has the new DRPA logos and will be working on t shirts. 


5K will now start planning with the new logo, 


DRPA is attempting to get insurance for Directors and Officers as well as Liability for events. So far, 6 have declined us all together. Discussion held about revamping the website, name and mission statement. Paul Kirkland agreed to help with the rewording and will look it over and respond back to the board.

UPDATE: Paul did send a revision however, the insurance company wanted more changes. We are working on that.


Meeting adjourned at 2039 by President Darcee Klapp,