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The DRPA Board Members

Val Henry

 Marybeth Naves

 Kristian Holtgren

 Jeff Deputy

  Darcee Klapp

 Karan Slobom

Amber Claflin

 Jeff Deputy  

 Bill Klapp 

            The DRPA Officers

Val Henry - President

Darcee Klapp - Vice President

Karan Slobaun - Secretary

Amber Claflin - Treasurer

Noretta Barker- Media/Marketing

MaryBeth Navas - Trails

Historian - Alice Hall

Neighborhood Watch - Kristian Hultgren

The DRPA Statement of Purpose

The Devore Rural Protection Association was formed with a commitment to bring forth the consensus of the community. Along with this primary goal, the group has developed guidelines that they feel represent the rights and responsibilities of all Devore residents. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Maintain Devore's rural identity and way of life, with no curbs or street lights on our roads.

  2. Protect Devore from annexation and encroachment by neighboring cities and maintain our present County form of government.

  3. Retain the one-residence-per-acre minimum.

  4. Remain independently serviced by private and county agencies.

  5. Preserve our trails and open-space land.

  6. insure responsible and compatible growth and development in the Devore area.

If you live in Devore, you are already considered a member of the D.R.P.A. If you would like to get involved in our activities and learn how you can help Devore remain a unique, rural, tranquil place to live, please come to one of our meetings (next meeting: Monday, February 1st, 7:00 pm, Kimbark Elementary School) or contact one of our Board members.

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