Devore Rural Protection By-Laws    updated June 10, 2019


The name of the organization shall be the Devore Rural Protection Association, here after known as DRPA. The DRPA is a 501c3, non-profit organization formed for the benefit of the Devore community.



    The Devore Rural Protection Association (DRPA) was formed with a commitment to bring

     forth the consensus of the community.  Along with the primary goal, the group has

    developed guidelines that they feel represent the rights and responsibilities of all Devore

    residents. These include but are not limited to:

         1. Maintain Devore’s rural identity and way of life, with no curbs or street lights on our


         2. Protect Devore from annexation and encroachment by neighboring cities and maintain

              our present County form of government.

         3. Retain the one-residence-per-acre minimum.

         4. Remain independently serviced by private and county agencies.

         5. Preserve our trails and open-space land.

         6. Insure responsible and compatible growth and development in the Devore area.


II  Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors (BOD) of the DRPA consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary,

     Treasurer, Marketing/Media and 2 members at large. All BOD members shall be elected

     to a 2 year term with President, Secretary, and Marketing/Media being elected on even

     years. Vice President, Treasurer and both Members at Large being elected on odd years.

               1.  Duties of Board of Directors (BOD):

                a. President – Primary roll is to ensure the board is effective in its task of setting and

                                          implementing the board’s direction and strategy. The President shall

                                          preside at all meetings, review reports and records and helps direct

                                          members in their roles. The President co-signs check with the Treasurer.

                                          The President shall represent the DRPA.

                b. Vice President – Works with the President in assuring the organization meets its

                                           goals. The Vice President will conduct meetings in the Presidents

                                           absence and will also represent the DRPA. The VP, in the

                                            President’s absence will assume those duties as needed. The VP

                                            Can co-sign checks in the absence of the President.  The VP

                                            oversees committees, directs members in their roles, and reports

                                           directly to the President.

                 c. Secretary – Records minutes for all meetings and maintains all non-financial

                                            records of the organization, keeping them available for inspection

                                            by all board members and/or officers. The Secretary will schedule

                                            meetings, send emails as directed and reports directly to the



                 d.  Treasurer – Manages or oversees the financial affairs of the DRPA; reconciles                                             

                                              bank statements, manages cash flow and co-signs checks with the

                                              President. The Treasurer gives a financial report to the BOD and

                                              reports directly to the President.

                  e.  Marketing/Media – Promotes the DRPA, seeks advertisers for our Newsletter,

                                               seeks donations and/or advertizing to help support the DRPA.

                                               The Market/Media board member will bring ideas and event

                                               plans/fund raisers to the Board for consideration and reports

                                               directly to the President.

                   f.    Media -         No meeting of the DRPA will be filmed or recorded on any type of

                                               device unless given permission from the ENTIRE DRPA Board.

                                                This addendum also includes all types of social media

                   g . Board members at large - These members (2) do not necessarily have an assigned

                                               job and will either help other board members with

                                               duties or may be assigned jobs as needed by the Vice  President.


III  Officers

      The Officers of the DRPA consist of: Historian, Neighborhood Watch, and Trails. Additional

      Officers may be added as needed by the BOD.

          1. Duties of the Officers:

                 a. Historian – Keep all historic records; preserving old pictures and documents that

                                          belong to the DRPA. The Historian may submit articles to the Newsletter

                                          and act as information officer as needed. Reports to the BOD.

                b. Neighborhood Watch – Report crime and suspicious incidents to the BOD and post

                                          on the neighborhood site to keep the community

                                          informed. The Neighborhood Watch Officer will keep a list of volunteers

                                           that belong to the program. Reports to the BOD.

                  c.  Trails – Keep records of current and future planned trails, maps, and any such data

                                     regarding our trail system. Report any new issues or information to the

                                     BOD and reports to the BOD.

IV.  Agent of Process

      The agent of Process is not a BOD member, but is appointed to a 2 year term by the BOD.The Agent of Process

      is responsible for all legal matters regarding the DRPA; filings with the   State of California, and any such legal requests

      that may arise in the business before the BOD.  The Agent of Process will report any changes on the BOD/Officers                       positions to the State of California as required. The Agent of Process informs the BOD of any legal matter as they may                 arise. The Agent of Process reports to the BOD.


V.    Meetings


         BOD meetings shall be quarterly: February, May, August, and November. The meetings are held on the 1st Monday of              each listed month.  There must be a quorum (4 of 7) of BOD members in order to hold an official meeting.  BOD members           are required to make at least 2 meeting per year.  All residents of Devore Heights are considered members of the DRPA.              All  residents are welcome at all meetings unless so  stated prior that the BOD is holding a closed meeting.  Elections shall           be held at the February meeting each year.  All residents shall have a vote on BOD and Officer positions. Any resident can           run for any position. The Agent of Process is the only non-elected position. The Agent of Process is appointed by the BOD.         The location and time of the quarterly meetings can change as needed. Notice is posted on the Neighborhood site, emailed            to residents and signs go up the Wednesday prior to the meetings.


 VI  Newsletter

      The newsletter is emailed ( mailed to those residents who do not have email) to residents Quarterly: March, June,                          September,   and prior to December 1st (usually during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend). The newsletter has a                          website;  and also has a link on the website for access.  Residents may submit articles and ads for                      inclusion.

       Articles must be pertinent to or of interest to the community. The newsletter editor is an appointed position by the BOD.             The newsletter editor reports to the BOD.