Community Watch Meetings are a part of the DRPA, and Community Watch business is discussed at each DRPA meeting.

Devore has recently experienced a number of burglaries, incidents of vandalism, and car break-ins. Everyone in Devore needs to be aware that crime is not just a "city problem," and that alert community residents are one of the best deterrents to crime. Don't hesitate to report criminal or suspicious activity to the Sheriff (print our our handy list of Emergency Contact Numbers and keep it next to your phone), call your neighbors if you see anything worrisome, and keep crime away from our close-knit community.

We still have decals and street signs available. We'd like every house in Devore to have a decal, and every street to have a sign.

We need more Block Captains! You don't need to devote more than an hour or so each month to be a Block Captain. All you need is the willingness to talk to your neighbors and attend quarterly Community Watch/DRPA meetings. It costs nothing, helps the police, and sends a strong message to criminals that their activities will not be tolerated in Devore. To join Community Watch, just come to one of our meetings.

Thank you,

Community Watch Coordinators




Emergency Contact Numbers for Devore